Revision clouds. Data extraction and tracking

For some reason it’s still not possible to create Revit View Schedules of revision clouds in Revit 2017. 

That’s why we’ve created this quick Dynamo script which allows us to export all this data to a live Excel File. Hope you find it useful!

These week I had to review all dilatation joints of a big project, which of course were wrong. I was marking them up with beautifull revision clouds by using “Mark” and “Comment” fields as identifiers. When I noticed that I had more than 40 comments I tried to create a scheduled for tracking them all. Thumb down! Revit doesn’t not allows that.

So we have developed this simple dynamo script. It works as follows:

– Select all “Revision Clouds” category.

– Get parameter value by name and choose “Comment” and “Mark”.  After, get elements “Owner View” and finally the “Id” of each cloud.

– With these four elements create a combined list and connect it with the node Excel write to file. Include “File path” and “Name” to save the Excel properly in a specific location. Keep the override empty or false to update your Excel without stepping over your changes.

The new Excel file will open and show these data:


PROTIP: Keep a space over your data in Excel by setting the start column at 2. This will let you create headers and use the info as a table.

For the extra mile, inside excel we’ve created the following Pivot Table:

The result would look like this:

By refreshing the data with further changes we will be able to track all clouds through the design revision process.

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