Navisworks Export Report updated!

Good news everyone! We have updated the add-in to export csv reports from Navisworks. It’s more stable and now supports Navisworks 2017.


What is new?

  • Only works with selection. Now you can select which elements to report.
  • Object selection improved. Focus in Revit element’s parameters (Only Composite Objects, no layers, models nor geometries).
  • List of categories and parameters in alphabetic order.
  • Json export deleted until next version.
  • More stability and several bugs solved.

Ok, but what I can do with it?

  • Export reports of volumes, surfaces, linear distances and everything dimension contained in the models.
  • BIG data your models! Element quantities per category, family, worksets, levels.
  • Import in excel to do awesome reports!
  • and whatever else you like!

Download here TBT Navisworks Report Exporter 2017 Setup

Let us know what you think and any comments you have.

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