Trello+Elegantt for project management

Trello is a fresh web-based project management application related to the kanban paradigm which works with boards, lists, cards and such, and let you handle your project enviroment with a great dynamic workflow.

In combination with the extension Elegantt, Trello allows you to keep your project roadmap on course by performing Gantt diagrams and visualizing the entire project at a glance. Let’s take a look on how they work!

Despite that it would be awesome to use Trello for planning your wedding, hollidays, class agenda and so on, in my opinion the best way to take advantage of this platform is by using it to collaborate, comunicate and coordinate your projects on a daily basis.

With the same freedom as using post-its in a white paper sheet, Trello enables you to create an endless amount and kind of projects. Let’s see it’s components:


Basically your workspace, a quick picture of how everything is going. The place where all your ideas will come up, develope and change. You can have as many boards you want.

In other words it is your project draft where you will have the updated news, progress and status of the project. You can have your personal board for your own use but you will see the real advantage of working with Trello if you share it with your team.


The place where you will shape all of your ideas. These groups contains cards with the breakdown of all the needed tasks to perform in order to reach predefined objectives.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, each project may be an independant board, list or card. Trello allows you to locate and relocate each card from list to list, just selecting, dragging and dropping.

The following are some samples of how can you sort these lists:

  • Pending, in progress, done, urgent, etc.
  • To do by Carl, Mike, Peter, etc.
  • Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 …
  • Project A, B, C -for the small ones-


Let’s get the party started! Here is where you will have to specify start and due dates, team members and leaders, dependencies and such. Here is where all the team will find the updated info and be aware of the last decisions.

The previous are just a few of all the activities you may perform with Trello, but now let’s see how Elegantt make this tool more useful:


Elegantt is like Microsoft Project’s interface, but as dynamic as Trello. It allows you to visualize all your content in a Gantt Diagram.

By using tags in the cards, you will be able to sort and filter different items in your diagram.

Finally, the cherry on top, Elegantt gives you the chance to adjust the dates of the cards just by dragging the cards on the Diagram. Enjoy it!

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