BIG Data from Navisworks 2016

Navisworks allows us to get together models from different software into a  single federated model making an easy access to the project’s information. As we know this information is not only geometrical but also metadata from parameters associated to different elements.


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BIG DATA desde Navisworks 2016

Navisworks nos permite agrupar modelos desde diferentes orígenes en un modelo federado haciendo posible un fácil acceso a la información de un proyecto.Como bien sabemos, esta información no es solo geométrica sino también metadata en forma de parámetros asociados a los distintos elementos.

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Accessing ModelItems from SelectionSets in Navisworks

The client needs a Synchro 4D animation of his building do to detect possible issues in constructions and also a video to show to the rest of the stakeholders.

Synchro4D is a software for 4D visualization and construction coordination.It allows you to animate and program any 3D object exported from Autocad, Revit, Infraworks, sketchup, and such.

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