Revision clouds. Data extraction and tracking

For some reason it’s still not possible to create Revit View Schedules of revision clouds in Revit 2017. 

That’s why we’ve created this quick Dynamo script which allows us to export all this data to a live Excel File. Hope you find it useful!

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Excel Pivot Tables for BIM QC

As you may recall, in our previous posts we talked about Information as key word on BIM processes and projects. Although loading this data might be the funniest part, at a certain point we will find ourselves diving into a deep ocean of information which need to be sorted and checked to accomplish quality standards.

Keeping our own model clean and organized may not be so difficult if we have a few years working in BIM procedures, but when we work with several collaborators and model authors in the same project we should follow some metodologies to check all this information together and make sure that it is coherent and consistent. Today’s recomendation are the interesting Pivot Tables

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