The I of BIM

The I of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the most important letter into this complex word. It’s what differenciate a live and smart 3D model between that geometric ones made by using Sketchup, Autocad, 3D Max, Rhynosceros and other nice modeling tools. But the question is: What is this information for and what kind of data can I work with?

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The price of BIM

When we’re discussing with our client about our next BIM project, normally the same questions come up: how much does the BIM cost? -for newbies- and how much the hourly is? / how much by square feet? -for those more experienced-. Let’s see the different ways we can approach on this matter…

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El valor $$$$ del BIM

A la hora de hablar con el cliente sobre nuestro próximo proyecto BIM normalmente surgen las mismas preguntas, “¿cuánto cuesta?” para clientes nuevos en el rubro, “¿cuánto cuesta la hora?”, “¿cuánto por metro cuadrado?” para algunos un poco entendidos del tema. Veamos de qué manera podemos abordar este tema…


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