Coincident Points on X and Y

In honor of the past “Dia de los muertos” here in Mexico I’m bringing you today’s problem: the continuous struggle of bringing back to life the dead projects that fall on my desk…

I’ve placed a series of points using Autodesk Point layout on all walls in my Revit model.
The client wants one point on each corner of the wall and  – this is the tricky part – the location of the point regarding the wall as a description -Bottom Of Wall or Top Of Wall.

Proposed workflow:

Using list of tuples we start filling the description parameters

The python code will look like this:

def coincident(x,y,z):
el = []
li = x
 #Here start the first part of the workflow
 while int < li.Count:
i = li[0]
for e in li:
 #Round the number to avoid comparing floats

if round(i.Location.Point.X,4) == round(e.Location.Point.X,4) and round(i.Location.Point.Y,4) == round(e.Location.Point.Y,4):
 #Here start the second part of the workflow, filling the parameters
if e.Location.Point.Z < i.Location.Point.Z:
#a= the name of the parameter
#b = to the code you need to add (BOW, or TOW)
return el

Note that you need to “feed” the function with a list of elements that are point based.

Plot twist:
We could change the code to  set the lower point as 0 and the upper point as the difference between the lower and the upper and then we have the wall actual height as data.

if e.Location.Point.Z < i.Location.Point.Z:
#a= the name of the parameter
i.LookupParameter(a).Set(str(i.Location.Point.Z - e.Location.Point.Z))

e.LookupParameter(a).Set(str(e.Location.Point.Z - i.Location.Point.Z))

Hope you find this useful and let me know any comments you have.


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