The I of BIM

The I of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the most important letter into this complex word. It’s what differenciate a live and smart 3D model between that geometric ones made by using Sketchup, Autocad, 3D Max, Rhynosceros and other nice modeling tools. But the question is: What is this information for and what kind of data can I work with?

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The price of BIM

When we’re discussing with our client about our next BIM project, normally the same questions come up: how much does the BIM cost? -for newbies- and how much the hourly is? / how much by square feet? -for those more experienced-. Let’s see the different ways we can approach on this matter…

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Align Pipes at bottom

This is an old Revit macro I’ve created to align pipes to the bottom (BOP or BOI). It asks for a pipe to be used as reference and the pipes to be aligned. You need to create a new macro and paste the code below replacing all the content of the file. After this you will se a module named Align_Pipe

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AU 2016 Part 1 – Import Geometry from Rhino to Revit

The guys from Perkins+Will show us a few workflows to import geometry to Revit from different platforms.
The one l’d liked more was converting Rhino models into Revit families allowing the user to change the geometry. This can be done using Dynamo to import a SAT file exported from Rhino to create Forms inside a template family.

Accessing ModelItems from SelectionSets in Navisworks

The client needs a Synchro 4D animation of his building do to detect possible issues in constructions and also a video to show to the rest of the stakeholders.

Synchro4D is a software for 4D visualization and construction coordination.It allows you to animate and program any 3D object exported from Autocad, Revit, Infraworks, sketchup, and such.

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General Quick Tip: Copy folder path & Copy folder content’s names

First situation:

1-You’ve saved a file on a folder really deep into your drive and need to save something else there.
You could use the path but the “Save As” window doesn’t allow you to access the path directions.

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